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Lampwork and Glass Related Forums

Lampworketc Forum: http://www.lampworketc.com/

Wet Canvas: http://www.wetcanvas.com/

The Angry Mandrel: http://www.angrymandrel.com/NUKE/

Favorite Glass and Lampworking Tools Suppliers

Heritage Glass: http://www.heritageglass.com/home.htm

Wired Designs: http://www.wireddesignsstudio.com/

Volcano Arts: http://www.volcanoarts.biz/

These artists and teachers continue to be an inspiration...

JC Herrell - http://www.jcherrell.com/Gallery.htm - incredible detail, I can only hope to master one day.

Michael Mangiafico - http://www.figstudios.com/ - I took a two day workshop from him and was blown away at his techniques and his love of tiny flames, he is a master at tiny sculptures and such incredible detail. I learned more in two days than I had in a years' worth of work, if you have an opportunity to take one of his classes, you will not be disappointed, it is time and money well spent!

Cassie Donlen - http://www.glassbeadle.com/ - awesome sets in wonderful colors, she is such an inspiration.

Scout Handford - http://www.theboroboy.com/ - Awesome boro pendants and unique boro color combos. His creations come straight from the boro laboratory and they are always a sight to behold. The kiln gods seem to smile on this boro artist, so stay tuned!

WireBliss Mei - http://wireblissjewelry.blogspot.com/ - is an amazing wire jewelry artist and she also makes very well written and illustrated tutorials. The little wire wrapped rings are from her tutorial I purchased from Etsy here, and she even featured me in her blog here, thanks Mei!!!

Some of my favorite charitable organizations:

http://www.kiva.org/ - Let's you lend to a specific entrepreneur, empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty.

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