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Jewelry Gallery | Bead Gallery

Here you will find some of my Lampwork beads. They are all properly annealed and of the highest quality and strength to use in your own jewelry creations. I do accept custom orders so if you see a set and would like something just like it or with different colors please email me and we will work something out.

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You really have to see these beads, there are tiny silver dots mingled in the organic band around each bead. These beads have a soft appearance due to the etching solution they were briefly soaked in. They almost look like little tumbled river bed treasures with their worn matte appearance.


Turquoise, Green, Celadon, Ivory and Silvered Stringers lampwork beads. One 26mm x 23mm x 8mmn focal bead with eight 19mm x 14mm x 6mm beads (sizes vary slightly).

Made with Effetre-Moretti Italian glass in my San Antonio studio.  Each bead has been properly digitally kiln annealed and thoroughly cleaned.


Various Sets

Various Sets

Christmas Theme

Valentine Theme

Easter Eggs

Occasionally I will list some of my polymer clay rose beads, those are the only polymer beads I make right now. I like to add lots of glitter dust to the polymer. I love making these beads because they are so portable and I can make them just about anywhere that has an oven :)

Chocolate Polymer Clay Roses with Swarovski Crystals, Pearls, and copper findings

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