Native Texan and very proud of it! I've been designing jewelry for about three years now. However, if you ask my mom, she'll tell you I've been doing it since my early teens. I use to take my costume jewelry apart and create something more appropriate for the outfit or fashion of the moment. Without proper jewelers tools you can only imagine how creative those pieces were :) Well, I've advanced a bit since then, invested in the proper tools and classes, and the pieces I'm creating these days are finally worthy of public consumption.

My latest passion for the past year has been Lampworking, or Artisan Glass Beads. I'm a Leo and a Pyro at heart so working with molten glass and fire is just a dream come true. It's magical when fire, glass and creativity come together to create a true work of art. I'm not sure it's my creativity at work or just the Glass Gods giving me a nod every time I create something beautiful, but it is the most fun I've had with art in a long time.

Here's a look at my new backyard studio in progress, this was a birthday gift from my wonderful husband, Mike. Isn't he a sweetie!!! It should be done in a few weeks, so expect a lot more goodies showcased soon :)


Isn't this corner just begging for a studio!!!

I'm a little concerned about the cinder blocks but Mike has assured me when the deck is built the structure will be reinforced and there will be no foundation issues.

Next is the deck and then they will start on the inside. Two to three weeks and it should be presentable and working. Until then I'm still torching in the garage, which I'm not complaining about :)


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