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My style can be defined as dainty, petite, classic, definitely with a petite woman in mind. Bohemian, Indian, Victorian, Punk, Rock and at times Goth. Themed jewelry is always fun, so Christmas, Easter, Valentines and Halloween jewelry are showcased as well. My adult A.D.D. is apparent in the many styles you'll find on the site :)

My glass beads, otherwise known as Lampworking, will be available on this site. I truly enjoy working with this medium. Playing with hot soupy glass and 2500 degree flames, what more could a Leo-girl ask for! All of my glass beads are annealed in a digitally controlled Olympic Kiln to assure the strongest most durable beads possible and are always throughly cleaned.

I use all kinds of media in my jewelry... Sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, glass beads, rock crystal, semi-precious stones, wood, bone, feathers, polymer clay, PMC, copper, gunmetal, vintage beads and findings, just to name a few. I prefer to use sterling silver in most of my designs, but have begun to incorporate some base metals. It will always be stated in the description whether an item is sterling silver or not. Practice pieces are always base metal and copper. You'll find my famous polymer clay rose jewelry made in my Stone Oak, San Antonio, Texas studio here as well.

A lot of my items are One-of-a-Kind pieces. If you see something you like, I can usually match it fairly close to the original piece. My jewelry and beads come with a money-back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase simply return the product and a full refund will be given.